Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fabric Covered Wastebasket #2 (or "Hubby wanted a different print")

Good morning!

Spring has definitely sprung here - we may be jumping right to summer with the temps predicted for this coming week!

If you read my last posting about the fabric covered waste basket, you'll remember I mentioned hubby asked for a different print, so, grabbed some Thimbleberries and created another!

This time I started with one of those giant popcorn tins we all get for the holidays. Here's the project:

You'll need a large container, fabric, spray adhesive and a method for cutting

1. Begin by measuring your container both height and diameter.  Mine was 14" tall and 31" around.  I added 4" to the height and 2" to the diameter for a piece of fabric 18" x 33" after cutting.

2.  Next, I sprayed a 2" strip from top to bottom and laid the fabric on it.

3.  After wrapping the fabric around the container, I came to the end, spray a bit of adhesive along the seam and the pressed the other edge down.

4.  I worked on the bottom next and cut around the edge, making "tabs" to just before I touched the bottom of the can, sprayed the bottom and pressed the fabric down.

5.  To cover the bottom you could use a piece of felt or a coordinating piece of fabric (which needs turning under) to finish it off.  I cut the leftover piece I had of the flannel in a circle, sprayed the bottom (just the circle that was showing, to hold the fabric on) and began sewing it together.

6.  The last step was to adhere the top edge - using the adhesive again, I sprayed and pressed the fabric into the glue.  I tucked in a plastic disposable bag and viola!

My latest creation and everyone is happy! :o)

Enjoy your day,

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