Friday, May 6, 2011

Day #59 - Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

Good morning, everyone!

I wanted to wish all the mom's out there a wonderful and happy Mother's Day!  Yesterdays creativity was working on a super cool project for a Fairy House Festival coming in July at the Historical Society where I work and then sharing creative work with my family!

Because we won't be able to be with our son and his family on Mother's Day, I brought the hand print goodies down to my DIL last night.  Needless to say, she loved it and my son was astonished to see how small his hands once were!  My grandson was good enough to open his mom's present, and see HIS hands there!  :o)

They, in turn, gave me a wonderful photo calendar with ALL my favorite family photos off Facebook!  Lol!!  It is filled with many of my past profile pix over the last 2 years!! 

Need a recipe for something light and yummy for Sunday? Check out this GREAT angelfood cupcake recipe I found from Gina at Skinny Just click on the Skinny Recipes link!

Photo from Gina's Website at  - Yummy!

I will finish today with a pretty fun picture of my mom and some crazying looking chick! I believe it was an Easter Sunday, and we are talking about the late 1960's here.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love yah!  (PS.  Don't you love my white gloves?)

Have a great day!

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