Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day #56 - Binding DONE and a Rag Quilt!

Good morning friends in Cyberland!

I was able to finish stitching the special quilt (photos NEXT week!) while waiting for the softball game to start last night.  Congrats to the CV Girls Softball Team: 6-2 over Conant!  Let's hope the weather doesn't bump anymore games around...

I created a rag quilt for another special person in our world yesterday - rag quilts are so fun!

I went with a color choice (orange) and cut out 25 - 8" block of various fabrics.  Next, it was 25 blocks of flannel and 25 blocks of several greens.

1. I laid them out to find a sequence I liked, separating the ones I used several times.

2. Repeated with the greens.

Here are the greens I used and the flannel "batting".
3. Created "sandwiches" with all 3 layers and pinned them together.
4. Sewed "X's" on each one, by row, keeping the sequence together.  I used Eleanor Burns method - continuous stitching, all one way, then snipping and repeated going the opposite way to make the "X".

5. Sewed the sandwiches together making rows with a 1/2" seam.

6. Sewed the rows together, being careful to match seams.
7. Sewed around the outside of the entire quilt, at 1/2".
8. Snipped...and snipped... and snipped about 3/8" of the way in to each and every seam, 1/4" to 3/8" wide. (*NOTE: Scissors make ALL the difference in the world!  I've done this with just regular fabric scissors, NOT great for the hand!  USE ones with a spring!!!)

9. Tossed it in the wash.
10.  Cleaned out my filters...
11. Viola!!

It went together rather quickly, so I may find myself having to do another today!!!  Gotta love May and June birthdays and celebrations in our family!!

Have a wonderful day, all!


  1. Beautiful rag quilts!

    Are the orange and green fabrics flannel too and did you prewash any of the fabric first?

  2. Colleen - the only flannel is the batting. I washed it when I was done, for maximum fluff!

  3. Thanks Carrie, I was going to make a rag quilt for my Mom for Mother's Day, but I didn't have enough flannel. Now that I know you can successfully use cotton for the blocks and flannel for the batting I can't wait to do it. WhaHoo!!
    Thanks again,

  4. Awesome, Colleen! I just made another today (I was in a rush, is my DIL's birthday!!) with 10" blocks, made the same way. It's lovely! Can't wait to see yours!

  5. And something even better than the spring ones are ones from Fons and Porter...little red handles. They cut like butter. I found mine at Joann's, they are just for clipping the rag quilts.