Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day #71 - Playing with "Blackwork"

Good morning, all!

Yesterday I started playing with a set of embroidery designs that I've been dying to try:

I also tried embroidering on a different fabric, felt!  I thought I might start out with a pillow, or some such thing, so felt was an option.  I didn't use stablizer as part of the experiment.

It went a little wonky ~ not sure exactly what occurred, but I stopped the machine, re-adjusted and let it finish and the rest was lovely.  I think I like the design for the bathroom curtains, with some of the other borders from the set nestled along beside it! 

The original designs are "blackwork" on white.  Like the classic "redwork".  This is brown on cream.  I thought I would play around with some other color combinations, as well.  Be watching for more of the ideas!  If YOU have any suggestions, please let me know!  :o)

Well, have to work today.  Yes, I KNOW it's Saturday, but I had yesterday off to bring DD to have her widsom teeth out and stayed home as I wasn't sure how it was going to go afterwards.  She was GREAT!  She actually went and coached in the afternoon!  She's a bit more sore and swollen today though, since she didn't have ice on it or drugs during the night, but all in all, she's doing very well!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!  Let's see what tomorrow brings, eh?


  1. Toooo funny Carrie~~ I JUST bought these SAME Blackwork designs from EL! And I TOO was thinking of using them for curtains, possibly the curtains in the room we are finishing over the garage. I Love Love Love Blackwork! Stitches out easy peasy and looks soooo cool! And you are right, can be amazing in any color combo! Just needs to stand out, contrast well with the background. I have some other Blackwork designs I have picked up over time, and they look amazing in a two color quilt...such as a black and white one. ENJOY!

  2. I am soooooo jealous of you ladies with embroidery machines!!! One of these days I will own one if the world doesn't end and the creek don't rise!!