Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day #54 - Machine quilting that special quilt!!

Good afternoon, friends!

After a day of field hockey (GO, GSE!!) and softball (GO, SMASH!!) we are home and starting dinner!  What a beautiful New England day ~ THIS is why we live here!  (I do have to admit, there were a few black flies out there cruising around... ARGH!)

The quilt it coming along nicely ~ I finished the machine quilting last night. I have to say I love the ability to do that with my machine! Very cool and very fun! The only down-side is the fact there isn't much room for turning things, but that's the way it goes.

Machine quilting in process - can you see the pink thread?  Fabric on right is the backing.

Lots of teal in it, so plenty of bobbins and then some quilting with this, too.

Fabric on one end.

Next row up from the waves.

This is the other end - I LOVE purple and teal!!

This is the backing - Thimbleberries Fancy Free.
This is the backing, where I've turned it over to start handstitiching
the binding and a bit of one of the front fabrics too!

Tonight it's all about the binding - I'm off to start stitching!  Later, Friends!


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