Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day #53 - About organizing

Good morning!

Maybe it's because spring is finally here?  Maybe I just NEED to tidy?  It was about my thread, yesterday.

This time of year is pretty busy in Whitt World: my youngest DD plays softball on the high school team (which hubby and older DD coach for) AND on a travel team on the weekends; older DD plays on a woman's adult league and hubby and DS play together on a men's team.  MANY of our nights are now spent at or getting to ball games, so I'm going to need to either have something I can bring with me to create, or change my direction to something I can take advantage of the time outside, like photography!  You might be seeing a bit more of that!  Watching our grandson discover a huge playground stucture was loads of fun!

So, back to the tidying... my time was limited yesterday, you know, because of life, so I took some time to BEGIN to organize my spools and my bobbins.  I like color: I like to SEE what I have, so I took my hidden bobbins and arranged them on the bottom of the thread holder, of which I either need a larger one or more of them!! 

Like Goldilocks, I have basic sizes of threads: the regular ones, (above), baby ones (below) and large cones.

These baby ones have proved perfect for lots of smaller projects.  They came from a very LARGE box of spools my mom had given me that my dad had used for some such thing and there are thousands!  I've sorted a wee bit, above, but have loads more!

How about those of you with cones of thread - how do YOU organize them?  Do you have them out?  If so, do you have something they fit on, like the regular spools or are they out on a shelf?  I wonder if I just need more shelving?  I THINK I see a project in the works for Mr Whitt, what do you think? Muahahaha!

OH...DON'T FORGET: stop over to Cranky Cat Studios and register to win anyone of over 120 prizes on her Facebook page!  There are a couple of steps, but it's worth it!  (Don't you WANT the headers I have up??)  Lol!

Off to get things done this morning before the softball and field hockey start for the weekend!
Quilty hugs,

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