Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day #39 - Discovery of Digitizing Software and a bit of "surfing"

Happy Saturday!

Good morning, friends!

My creativity yesterday amounted to surfing the web, discovering some new things and dipping my toe into that ocean called "digitzing."

For starters, I ran across the absolutely wonderful blog called "May Your Bobbin Always be Full" by LuAnn Kessi.  She has a studio she calls "The Thread Shed."  How can you NOT read about someone like that? 

I think I ran across it because of a zippered bag tutorial that was mentioned in a group I belong to.  I will definitely be checking that out more, but I digress...

There was either a link or a picture, some such thing, that led me to her Challenge Quilt.  She blogs about process and was saying how she couldn't on this one as it had been a secret challenge, so, she'd put together a slide show showing how she did what she did.  I have just one word: AMAZING!  I want to be her when I grow up!  Oh...wait, she's probably young enough to be my daughter!!!  Sigh...

You HAVE to go take a look at what she created.  I heard this the other day: "It's simple, but it's not easy." in describing something entirely different.  That would describe LuAnn's quilt.  Take a peek!  I felt like I was getting a lesson in quilting with NO WORDS, just lovely music!

Stunning quilt designed by LuAnn Kessi
Visit her link above to see how she created it!
The second thing I did yesterday was to discover a digitizing software that I could afford = free!  I found the info via a fun place I "hang out" called StitchTalk - it's Facebook for people who use a needle!  The software is called Stitch Era Universal.  You have to download it from specific "dealers" and I found it to be a bit of a complicated download, but finally got it in place. 

I have been told that the learning curve for digitizing is steep.  Can you say: "Mount Everest"?  I found a couple of groups on Yahoo to get help, but am waiting on acceptance.  I started playing with it last night ... Bri said I taught myself to use Front Page and html, so this should be no different!  He has such faith in me!  I am NOT going to make it all I do, so that means it will take YEARS to learn, but hey, I'm up for it!

Off to work on a few projects today .... have a GREAT Saturday!
Quilty hugs,

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