Thursday, April 12, 2012

5 Great Project Ideas for a Yard or Less Fabric + 1 yd to SHARE!

Good morning, friends!

I had a wonderful opportunity yesterday to make a new friend and trade fabric!  Yup - 28 yards left my house and 28 yards came back!  Muahahahaha!

Here's what I came home with:

..a beautiful selection of lots of blues and purples!  I am in heaven!  Thanks, Julie!  :o)

Now, the $25,000 question is, WHAT do I do with these?   Part of me just wants to caress them - I am SURE you've had fabric like that, or the equivalent!

But NO!  I will USE these beauties... but to what end?  I thought I might do a bit of searching (yes, I will refer to my Pinterest fabric/textile board...) and took some time last night to do a bit peeking around for ideas.

Listed are the top 5 on my list to try first.  THEN... I NEED YOUR IDEAS!  Post your idea/ideas using the Linky Tool at the bottom of the post and one follower gets their choice of 1 yard of this gorgeous fabric!!! OMG!! YES!!!

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:
1. Fabric Bowl  - you can Google "How to Make a Fabric Bowl" or stop by this site to see how.  Are you even more visual?  How about a YouTube Video from Crafty Gemini?  She does a GREAT job!

2. Ruffled Apron - stop on by Northern Cottage for a peek at a super cute ruffled apron!

I have two very boring ones... this one uses a couple different fabrics - perfect with the coordinates I got!  Haha!!

3. Draw String Bag - here is a wonderful tutorial (VERY well written by Jen, at In Color Order) for a sweet lined draw string bag.  I can totally see several of the Japanese prints made up in to this!  Don't you just want to give it a whirl?

4.  A new lamp shade - JUST what I need for my computer area and the one in the bedroom!  I went out and about looking for lampshade ideas and the one I liked the most was at Designsponge.  Check it out!

5.  Foam Window Seat Bench Cover - we have this perfect little spot that is currently a toy depository that would be just right to make a squishy seat cover for!  I LOVE IT!!  At Urbane Jane they took a coffee table and made a covered bench from it - I have the seat, just need the comfy part! I think  I could modify their idea...

How about YOU?  What would you do with one of the 28 yards of fabric I got today?  Find a fun idea and list it below by clicking on the CLICK HERE TO ENTER button.  Add your photo and viola - YOU ARE ENTERED!!!  How fun is that?

Hope you join us!



  1. Hmmmm,. that is a puzzle, but a super fun one! Would definitely make a lap quilt with some in my favorite colors and prints...And I adore making napkins (mismatched of course) with my SERGER! And pillows for the porch for a pop of color for spring/summer...and love the drawstring purse idea...and bench seat cover you many possiblities so much fun! OH and my neighbors idea that I love, just cover a frame with your favorite for your INSPIRATION wall in your "STUDIO"!!! Cuz Joni...Mason, NH

    1. I was thinking about just putting one of the Japanese prints up as a wall hanging... Yippee! I may try that!