Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Etsy Dreams: 5 Arts/Crafts I WISH I could do...

As I sat here, considering what to write about this morning it occurred to me to think about the arts and crafts that I WISHED I could do.  I am a dabbler.  Once called a "jack of all trades, master of none" by a teacher I loved, it rather sums me up!  I can create some lovely things, but the time, energy and level of artistry it takes to make the items below?  Perhaps not so much, eh?

I thought it might be fun to cruise through Etsy and find things I WISHED I could do.  Here's my list.

Let's start with a craft that I cannot do, at least at this point (but I have pinned some tutorials that PROMISE to help me...).  Crochet.  Can't do it.  Can't get it right.  Nope.  More than anything THIS is what I want to make: 

I love the colors of Granny Squares.  I love how you can make them with bits of this and that.  Well, some people can.  I've tried.  My "squares" have always been anything BUT!  If you have advice on this one, I'd be forever grateful!

Let's consider painting.  My brother (an incredible artist) got ALL the drawing genes from my parents.  I recall a sketch I did on the blackboard while teaching 2nd grade was of a horse - my students thought it was an elephant.  I go with stick figures now...  How about the ability to produce this?  How can you resist it?  She will create it for you from a photo!  It's pastels - how wonderful!

I love blue.  This item on Etsy has caught my eye before.  I think I "favorited" it at one point.  It is a ceramic luminary.  I love the stars.  I have never tried ceramics, but if I did and if I could, I would totally make this:

I love wood.  I love the feel.  I love the look.  Hubby works in wood and does some wonderful things.  If I could work in wood I'd like to make this:

This chair is made from a burl.  According to Wikipedia, a burl is "a tree growth in which the grain has grown in a deformed manner."  How beautiful!

I sew and quilt, as many of you know.  But this?  This is a piece of art:

I love her colors and her design.  The craftsmanship is incredible.  Someday, when I grow up, I want to be able to create this!!

What sort of arts and crafts do YOU wish you could do?
Have a wonderful day,


  1. Re: Granny Squares - YOUTUBE! Crochet is SO easy once you have mastered it - I taught myself most of the stitches I know through youtube!

  2. I do the granny squares but i would love to do the quilting!

  3. All right... I'll try it!! :o)