Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - photos of my world - 4/11/12

It's that day again: Wednesday.  Time to post a picture of my world... or two, in this case.

If you are familiar with what goes on in the Whitt household, it is made up of many days of sporting events!  I coach field hockey (both indoor and out), a bit of basketball and Bri coaches wrestling and softball.  My job during the spring is to take lots and lots of pictures - particularly this year as our youngest DD finishes out her high school career.  

Yesterday was the "opening day" of the CV softball season, 2012.  We've been lucky enough to have been out on the fields since the first day - an unheard of situation here in New Hampshire.  That being said, we've frozen our tootsies off so far EVERYTIME we've headed outside since that gorgeous week! 

Waiting for the first pitch.
Before a cleat has touched it!

"60 feet and turn left"
Shows how hard the wind was blowing!

Enjoy the day, all!
Feel free to comment with a link you YOUR pictures of the day!

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