Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter at Memere's: Water Bottle Bowling!

Good afternoon!

I am "memere" to the boys - so is my mom!  If you see that reference another time, you'll know it's me!

We had the family down (and up) for Easter dinner today.  Yummy dinner and fun time had by all!

At one point we were trying to entertain the young'uns (and keep them from throwing hard balls in the air) and I remembered I'd seen a bowling game using water bottles!  That would keep the ball on the ground!  Yay!

It was a hit!  Here's the result:

The myster loved them! 

We used empty water bottles, filled them with water and then added several drops of food coloring in each.  We found that the cheap water bottles are fine, but they are pretty thin, so we are not sure how long before there is a BIG puddle on my floor!  I am thinking a bit of glue on the top might help, as well.  I'll be making a few more so they can both have a bunch!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day,
Quilty hugs,

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