Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Mining: Easter Fun!

In my other world, I work at a historical society. There are times when you are doing research that you aren't positive what you are looking for or going to find.  We call it "mining."  As I like alliteration, I thought "Monday Mining" would be a good title for heading out to see what I can find based on a topic, out there in the vast Internet!

Today's Monday Mining is in search of Easter ideas.  Let's see what I found so far:

Donut Bunny Pops!  We are totally going to make these for Sunday!  She has oodles of other great ideas, so stop on by!

"Bunny Bait"?  How cute is that!!  Pop over to Bloom to see more!

HOP over here for links to 70 different Easter Basket ideas!

Bunny Bunting!  Adorable!  I am sure I have some paper for this one!

This site ALWAYS has great ideas! 

I thought that some of you might have ideas we should look at as well, so I'm adding a "Linky Party" for you to post things we just HAVE to see!  It might be from you or something you've found! 

Enjoy the day and link up!

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