Friday, April 6, 2012

T-Shirt/Memory Quilting - Part of the cleaning out process!

Good morning, all!

We are New Englanders... 3rd generation pack-rats ... we can't let go of ANYTHING!!  That would include T-shirts, those memories of sporting events, clubs, camps and more.  We have oodles... beyond oodles - what would that be?  "Google Oodles"?

To attempt to tame that part of our world, we are going the route of T-Shirt/Memory quilts!  We are starting with my DD's. Before she makes her way out into the big, bad world, we want to be able to wrap her in a hug from the past, the one we've shared with her for 23 years.

Here's the beginning of her quilt:

She attacked the shirts herself, with a bit of guidance from me, and now we need to begin the process of turning these (and may others) into something she can keep.

I thought the next thing I should do is explore our options.  How do we map this out?  Where do we start?  What formats are there?  So, I'll bring you along on the journey and we'll see where this one goes!

Here are some sites I'm exploring to see what to do:

This first link in my search for "how-to" comes from Totally Stitching.  This is done no sashing, no batting and no binding.  Hmmm.... nice and straight forward.  Not all our pieces are the same size, though...

The next site that came up with was from a frugal diva as Condo Blues.  She's got good directions... worth looking at!

Then, I found one with sashing from WellnessMama that uses a fleece blanket for the backing.  She "quilts" it with diagonal stitching.  Some good ideas there.

I ran across a GREAT set of directions at Goose Tracks Quilts.  One of the ones I need to do includes pieces from shirts that are NOT of the same size and I LOVE her sashing.  She also gives you information about how many you need to make a certain size.  Which also means, what size can you make with the number you have!  :o)

Here is another blog with directions to create a quilt with different sizes and shapes from the shirts.  She doesn't use sashing, but creates the quilt in blocks which she then puts together - another fun idea! It's posted on Craftzine. 

I am thinking the above sites give me enough ideas to get this rolling!  Keep checking back and we'll let you know how it's going and anything we discover in the process!

Have a creative day!

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