Monday, April 30, 2012

Mining Monday: Mother's Day Ideas

In an attempt to be ready for Mother's Day ahead of time this year (Whitt's birthday is often the same weekend and after yesterday, you KNOW I'm ready for that this year!!) I thought a few hours minutes spent considering my options via Pinterest the Internet would be rationalized well spent.

I went out in search of some things I could make and others that I might purchase (seeing as I will probably WAIT, despite my best intentions!).

So here are my thoughts... for now!  OH... do you have other ideas?  I'm adding a Linky Tool at the bottom where we can all ADD more over time, good idea, eh?

Let's start with a lovely free printable via Amy at A Profittable Life.  You can download it in a variety of colors!  Thanks, Amy!!

How about some yummy vanilla sugar and spice shower gel and lotion?  Oh... wait this is for MOM, not me!  Haha!!

Having lots of fabric scraps, this Mother's Day journal might be just the thing.  They used ribbon for the decoration, but a bit of creativity here might just be perfect!

I ran across this perfect stamp at Hobby Lobby's website.  It's $8.99, but there was a 40% coupon at the top of the page.... :o)
I could also see doing this yourself on a card or a white plate with those special markers you "cook" and seal it in!  Muahahaha!

What would Mother's Day be without some ideas with flowers?  Here is a super sweet vase I saw at Makes and Takes!  My oldest grandson and I were outside yesterday and we found some dainty flowers that would be perfect with this!!

Happy creating and link me ideas below that YOU have!!

Here's a Linky Tool to add YOUR ideas!

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