Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day #30 - More rainbows, Easter gift for mom, some pin cushions ... oh my!

Good morning!
Hubby is excited - it's below freezing and going up into the 50's: the sap will run! There will be boiling tonight!

So I was doing a bit of multi-tasking yesterday. Stitched up a design that literally took most of the day as it had over 55,000 stitches! (It's for my mom for Easter- from Embroidery Library.) I am struggling with the thread and breaking needles, though. It appears to be just the white (yesterday, anyway) and as it comes off the spindle, sometimes it wraps around, get's caught and snaps the needle. Other times, no problem. Not sure what's causing it, but snapped a couple, so I had to stand there and watch it, which makes multi-tasking a bit of a challenge!!

Mom's Easter treat
I sewed up the border on the raspberry and the light pink Bottled Rainbow bases and pulled fabrics to coordinate. I had this idea (oh, silly me) that I could work on cutting things while I had the boys after dinner, but I was having too much fun playing with them to do that, so I'll see what I can do this morning before work.
Light pink Bottled Rainbow choices...

Raspberry Bottled Rainbow fabrics

Several of us will be swapping pin cushions soon - there are some pix up in the Yahoo group photo file. Such talented women! I am so thrilled to be getting to know you! I decided I wanted to try a few more, so I stopped by a fun blog called Craftpudding (how can you NOT check that out?) and found a great tutorial for one with baby food jars. I just happened to have two from the Mick-sters dinner the other night, so I had to try it! Good thing I only had two! She filled hers with buttons, I filled mine wiht tiny spools of thread, of which I have 1000's, which is a whole 'nuther story someday!

The last thing I worked on was part of a posting I did yesterday. I was trying to teach myself to use the "linky-thingy" I'd seen on other blogs. I thought I'd like to SEE a bit more spring, so I made a place for other bloggers who make things to sell to pop a link in. All I asked is that it makes those of us in New England think SPRING! A couple have added them, so I am looking forward to checking it out!

Off to do a bit of housework ( fun). Have a great day, all!


  1. Carrie!!!
    The Easter project for your Mom came out BEAUTIFUL!!! She will love it! Such a wonderful gift.
    I tried to post a comment yesteday and failed, but if you try putting the thread down in from of the machine sometimes that helps with certain spools, it's something to do with how it comes off the spool and some are more problematic than others. I had a green that did that all the time! GRRRRRRR!!!You can just lie it down if you are right there, or put it in a cup or bowl if you are multi-tasking. You are so busy and get so much done in a day, I have to drink two cups of coffee just to READ your blog!!! Love you Cuz! Joni

  2. Oops, sorry, forgot to mention something I wanted to tell you...Have you been to the bead shop in Wilton, NH?

    Awesome awesome shop!! I am smocking a dress for my two year old grand daughter and the little flowers weren't looking much like flowers, so I decided to get beads to jazz up the top smocking area. Oh my Word!!! She had the most awesome umpteen different little flowers!! Can't wait to use the ones I bought! Will post a picture when it is done. I could spend hours in that shop just looking and I don't even make jewelry! But I think I could easily get addicted to doing so! Her choices are soooooo incredible and super reasonable prices!!!

  3. Oh boy... I'll have to check her out! I am going to Wilton on Saturday...hmmm...