Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day #29 - Bit of fun with the pin cushions...start of Bottled Rainbow

Good morning, cyber friends!

Looks like it's going to be a drizzly week here in New Hampshire... doesn't bode well for DD's first softball game of the season on Monday, unless they are going to be wearing mud boots!  Mud and cletes ... NOT a pretty picture!

Strawberry Pin Cushion

My experiments with pin cushions!
So, yesterday was a bit of fun with pin cushions!  I tossed out the challenge for anyone who'd like to join us to hop in, comment and see what you come up with!  A couple have said yes, so we'll see who else is interested.  I really wanted to play around with some beads, so I put some on the leaves of a strawberry - liked the glittery look...perhaps a bit bigger, maybe two layers of leaves?  We'll see on the next one!

My first "Bottled Rainbow" block!

Set of fabric scraps I listed on Etsy.
I was definitely into red yesterday - finished up the ticker-taping of my first Bottled Rainbow block.  It is definitely a different style for me.  I would call it more "modern" than what I am used to.  It's also good for me to step  outside my comfort zone of everything being neat and tide, seam-wise.  I've hung it up in my studio space, just to live with it for a bit...see what I think.  I find it's like a watercolor: you need to be a bit away from it to appreciate the color!  It's growing on me!  I decided to list the extra fabrics I'll be generating with this project on Etsy - have to pay for my obsessions somehow!!  Lol!

Hey, if you want to give the Bottled Rainbow project a whirl, check it out here (also linked on the sidebar to the right).  It is meant to build a complete quilt, but I was also thinking if it was a bit scary for anyone, just start with a single block!  Pick your favorite color and use the directions to play!  You need a piece of neutral background, a solid in to set the color family you are using and then lots of scraps that coordinate!  I found it fun!  I am looking forward to exploring the next color...

I also finished up 1 of the 2 Easter totes I am making for the boys ~ now to fill them with goodies! I am attempting to do as much "re-purposing" as possible, or shall I say "whenever" possible. The handles on this tote would be an example: strap, cut in half, off of an old purse! :o)

Well, am stitching up a design for my mom for Easter, always multi-tasking!  Hopefully can show you tomorrow!  Snapped a needle in the process this morning ... GRRR!!  I have found that the thread coming off the spool holder tends to catch occasionally and if I'm not right there (...oh...cause I'm mult-tasking???) it winds around, catches, pulls and snaps the needle!  I bought a package of 50 on eBay...good thing, I guess?  I got 50 for $11 and they came pretty quickly, so all good.

Off to do a bit of work for work, some housework and then back to creating! 
Have a great day all!

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