Monday, April 25, 2011

#48 - Easter Dinner, Digitizing Baby and Green Rainbows

Good morning, friends!

It would appear that conceivably, spring may be here!  I say this as we've let the pellet stoves go out and I'm not cold!!  The whole "April Showers bring..." thing?  Guess we are not quite done with that, though.  The sun is peeking out through the clouds, but not for long, or so the Weather Channel says.  But, the good news is that it's in the 50's and tomorrow is supposed to be even better, so, all good!

Yesterday was about creativity in the kitchen.  My youngest daughter and I whipped up Easter Dinner while Mr. W was the cleaning genie before our family arrived.  We had a lovely time with my mom, brother, son & his family and the 4 of us.  Mom LOVED her framed gift (from Day #30) and the boys had fun with their goodies.  Little Man used his bag to hold the eggs he hunted for and his mom said it would be perfect for toys in the car!

The design on grandson's Easter Bag
I spent most of my "free time" during the day playing around with the Stitch Era software I downloaded for digitizing.  I'm making progress, as I mentioned last night, and have digitized a couple of things.  I am truely a baby where this is concerned, but having produced something usable, I'm feeling a bit better!  I posted a couple of things I've done over the weekend: nothing earth shattering (not quite the Mona Lisa) but I'm not feeling quite as mentally challenged as I did earlier!!  YEA!!! 

One of the things I found is that the Stitch Era software seems to have over-ridden other programs on my computer, ie: My Editor, which was how I viewed designs before.  That program also allowed me to convert to whatever format I wanted - it just doesn't seem to work now, because of the Stitch Era.  The Stitch Era will only create in my PES format.  My solution, or what I am going to try first, is to put My Editor on another computer, put the designs on a flash drive and transfer them to that.  Then, hopefully I can convert them so other people WITHOUT My Editor can use them.  Bit complicated, but so be it.

Got my green rainbows laid out and ready to sew together, woot woot!  The rainbow is coming together!

Have a wonderfully creative day!

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