Friday, April 15, 2011

Day #38 - Final lil' bit o' scarf and the "Long Leather Coat" Story

Good morning, friends!

Well, I've finally hit the END of the scarf, at least for now ... though, their might be a piece or two used in a Bottled Rainbow! 

I tried a bit of "art," so to speak.   I took a circle of the scarf fabric and sewed on a frond (is that the right word) of the fern from the Timeless Treasures fabric I'd coordinated with this project.  Added a silver painted sand dollar, some scrapbooking flowers and then "went to town" with the beads.  (I've been REALLY wanting to work beading in lately, for some reason...)

Goregous sapphire beads...been dying to use!
After everything was sewed on, I cut a circle of felt and glued that on.  Once it dried, I attached a pin back to make it wear-able!

So, on to the FINAL project within this challenge!  When you only have tiny scraps left, you start to think..."Hmmm....what can I do with these?"  Then it hit me: buttons!  Have you ever heard the story called "The Long Leather Coat"?  A tailor starts the story with a long leather coat and ends it with a button, just enough to "to make a story."  It's PERFECT for this!!

I stepped out of my "rules" for the 365 Days, momentarily, as I've been trying NOT to buy anything new.  I stopped by a JoAnn's and snagged a package of 7/8" covered button forms (they were 50% off, thank goodness!) and gave it a whirl!

 One of the things I learned right off the bat was that cotton needs to be lined to make a good button!  The scarf fabric was thick enough (actually, was a bit of a challenge to fit into the mold, but scissors are a good thing!) on it's own.  Cotton, wasn't.  I'm not sure if you can see in this picture, but the metal shines through.

Notice the bottom right corner?
 I quickly grabbed some iron on interfacing and the very last bits of this gorgeous fabric and put them together.

You use the clear plastic ring as a guide to cut a piece of the fabric.  Center the ring on the bit you want to show on the button and then trim away!  I took just a wee bit more off, because of the interfacing, so it would fit in the mold and tuck in well.

Push the fabric into the mold, right side down, tuck the backing in, being sure all the fabric fits inside (my mistake on the first one as YOU CANNOT take it apart without ruining the back), press in the back and then use the blue plug to push it in.  POP!  and you have a button! is soooo addictive!!  You'll be seeing these in my Etsy shop!  

Here are the finished goodies from today!  Not only did I use up the scarf (for the most part...) but I have a new item for my shop!  How cool is that?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a lovely weekend!  I'll be back tomorrow!
Quilty hugs,

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  1. Very nice Carrie! I forgot all about those covered buttons and it was perfect solution to use the rest of your interfacing with it. Thanks for sharing the tips!