Friday, April 22, 2011

#45 – The bad news is my camera is in a bad way, the good news is, I have lovely daughter who will share!

Good morning, all!
I’ve had a wonderful Canon Digital Rebel for over 5 years. It has literally taken 10’s of thousands of pictures. It’s tired. Very tired. The button won’t push when I want it to – which is a problem when taking either action shots at softball games (“wait, can you do that slide AGAIN???”) or special shots of your grandchildren (“Ry, smile AGAIN for Memere…again? Again?”) What to do, what to do?

The last time I had it serviced by Canon, it was $250 just to take a peek. Which they did and they did a lovely job. Not an option right now. Replacing it? Not an option right now. What is a blogger to do? NO pictures makes for a pretty B-O-R-I-N-G blog and let’s not even get me going about not being able to take photos of Shauna’s team OR my little boys!!

So, in steps my wonderful oldest daughter and her camera ~ it’s not my big baby, but it’s what I used to take the pictures for yesterday’s blog…so…at least THAT is covered! Not to fear, readers! The pix will continue! The ones of the boys? All good – hers will do that as well. The question lies with the sports ones…we’ll find out the answer to that this afternoon when the Cougars of ConVal take on Pelham! (Fingers are CROSSED for both the camera and a win!!)

I spent a good deal of time today picking out designs from my fav site: Embroidery Library!! They are having a sale right now (it’s one of those that gets me…) where if you spend $10, you get it for $5. If you spend $20, it’s $10 and if you spend $50, it’s $25. Do it 3 times and you get 5 designs for FREE!! Yup, I’m all over it! Lol!!

I got the Sashiko Leaves as one of my sets

And the Quilting Tweet as one of my freebies!

Do machine embroidery? Take a peek !  The sale is this week!
Off to package up an order, perhaps list a bit on eBay and then heading to work!  It's Friday, baby! 
Enjoy the day,


  1. Isn't that design set the bomb?!? I bought it last year along with several other sets (on yet another Embroidery Library sale, gotta love 'em) that are the Sashiko style! One day, I want to make a fall quilt, with my fall fabrics and those designs! In theory the design could be used to "quilt" the quilt....I'm just sayin' sorry to hear about your sick camera, my embroidery machine (a Viking Diamond) is in the ER at the moment as well, I think I fried the board or some such nonsense, who knows! Thank goodness it is under a 2 year warranty, Nashua Sew N Vac rocks!
    But I have ample to do with starting to get ready for Deerfield Fair this fall, and making napkins wth my Babylock Serger. One way of using up some of my mtns of stash! I made a set of all different rooster fat quarters (into napkins) for my sister's birthday...Her crafts business is called The Rusty Rooster. They came out awesome and she loved them. Also from EL I have some fabulous rooster designs I will stitch for Deerfield Fair too! (Aprons, napkins, placemats, etc...)....

  2. I love the napkin idea! I think I may do a de-stash and make a bunch!