Monday, April 11, 2011

Day #34 - Reuse/Recycle/Repurpose Challenge, Part 2

Good morning, friends!

They say the temperatures are going to hit the 70's today!!  Wow... we just have CRAZY weather here in New Hampshire!

Mug Rug/GIANT coaster, top
Mug Rug/GIANT coaster backside
So, this is the second day I'm working with repurposing that lovely scarf.  I played around with creating a mug rug. Actually, I think mine is more of a giant coaster, but hey, my mug fits on it!

The 3 layers - middle is grey, VERY thick flannel-like fabric
So stitiching it got a little wonky!  Just trimmed and fixed it up!
I took a square of the scarf, a square of the thick, flannel-like upholstry lining "stuff" (repurpose #2 there) and a piece of the coordinating FQ from the purse to make this.  I stitched over the lines in the fabric to "quilt it", trimmed it up and bound it with a piece of black. 

Stitching the binding on.

My FAV tool (a kabob stick!) used to keep the fabric square around the corners.

Ready to turn, fold and handstitch to the back side.
You'll see in the picture I sewed it on, went squarely around the corners, pinned it and then hand-sewed it to the back.  I'm getting better with my hand-sewing stitches (not my favorite thing and my fingers are sore today, but it's all in the name of creativity!)

If you are interested in more about Mug Rugs check out some of these sites:
Maybe friends here will have to give mug rugs a try...hmmm....perhaps after our pin cushions?

Off to see what I can do with my even smaller pieces today! 
Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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