Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day #26 - Bit of knitting & stitching

Good evening, everyone!
Quick trip to CT to watch my DD play some softball - so nice to be down where there is no snow and some sunshine! 

Today was one of those days I knew I'd need to bring a little something to work on.  I have a bit of knitting (what you can see if you look at the photo of my knitting bag) and a LONG project using the Crab Apple Hill Pattern for a wonderful black and white quilt called Over the River and Through the Woods. I carry it in a bag to work on at times like this...bit of stitching here and there, as it's quite a large piece of needlework! 

So, I've finished my Subway sandwich, dropped in here for just a minute to say "hi" and it's time to whip out the needles, either one set or another.  I'll upload pix tomorrow!

Can't WAIT to see the photos in the Yahoo Group!
Night, all!

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