Friday, April 29, 2011

Day #52 - Quilting Standstill, Etsy Treasury & 3,000 Fan Giveaway Sponsor!

Good morning, all!

It's Friday and I believe that odd orb in the sky is the SUN!  YEA!!

I spent a wee bit of time on the quilt that needs finishing, but came to a standstill: I've LOST my seam ripper (perhaps it was something Freudian?) and I NEED to rip out some stitching Ooopsies on it ... EERRKKK... (that's the sound of a speeding Carrie coming to a screeching halt!)

Did the boring work of catching up my sales from eBay and Etsy in Quickbooks.  I tend to put that off and then spend hours doing data entry when I'd much rather be sewing! 

I created a fun Etsy Treasury I called Tutorial Time.  I found oodles of wonderful tutorials for sale on Etsy for all sorts of projects.  One of my goals is to work up some of the projects I've created, PDF file them and post them, as well.  Just not enough hours in a day!

I've also joined in a fellow crafter, Deborah of Cranky Cat Studio, in celebrating her 3,000th Fan on Facebook.  She's got a GREAT contest that begins at noon today!  There are 124 prizes!!!  HOLY COW!!  I put in a set of fabric headers:

 All you need to do is:
  1. Click on this link to take you to her page.
  2. Read the rules and the instructions (the #2 and #3 boxes on the page).
  3. After noontime today, begin entering for the prizes!!
  4. They are drawing them throughout the month, 10 a day!
Personally, I can't WAIT!! 

I am off to either FIND my dang seam ripper or attack the Ooopsie with a sharp pair of scissors!  Have a GREAT day!

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  1. I never use a seam ripper! I use a small set of pointed scissors and go to one side of the seam and clip every third or fourth stitch. Then the seam can be pulled apart very easily and no damage to the fabric! Much quicker (come from many seams ripped out)