Friday, April 8, 2011

Day #32 - Creativity at work...soooo lucky!

Good evening, All!
Decided to pop in tonight since it's an early trip over to Wilton to watch youngest play softball with her high school team play against a number of the girls she plays WITH all summer long!  Lots of softball and some field hockey tucked in this weekend!  Glad that the weather is going to be improving!  Yeah!!

So I was thinking about how wonderful it is to have a job where I can be creative during the day, as well.  I work as the Education Coordinator at the Peterborough Historical Society and it's pretty nifty to be able to generate ideas for cool things to do, like the Town's Attic which I was doing today and yesterday.  Our current exhibit is about the Civil War and we focused our research on the stories of people who lived in the area.  It was months and months of research, but it was so enlightening: the letters home, the newspaper pieces, the photographs.  They all worked together to tell the stories of people we came to know over time.  If you are in the area, you should stop by ~ it's a pretty good piece of work!  :o)

Anyway, for the last few days I've been coming up with activities for children to do while visiting the Town's Attic, as I mentioned above.  I wanted to do something about quilting, but that can be tough when the children who visit can be pretty young, so, I brought in colored and scrapbooking paper, made up quilt squares and laminated them so they could re-arrange them, like a puzzle.  Then, I cut LOTS more of both, added some glue sticks and will have directions to make and take your own.

There will also be a coding activity (with a cipher wheel and Morse Code fun), recipes to make yummy (tongue in cheek, guys...) hardtack and corn doggers at home, and possibly some flags to do "wig wag."  What is that, you ask? may have to come by in a few weeks to see!  We always have cloth dolls/pirates to make with fabric kits (my specialty!), puzzles, games and writing with a quill.  Lots of fun for families!  And I get it make it all up!!!  Pretty cool!

That was my creativeness for the day, other than spending some time tonight cruising the Net, reading blogs. much fun!  I would like to mention that if you have children or grandchildren, you should check THIS giveaway out!  This woman makes AMAZING card table "houses" ~ you put them OVER a card table!  They are giving one away!  AWAY!!  Holy cow!  You've gotta go check it out and comment for a chance to win one! 

If you click on this, you can go to her Etsy shop to see ALL the ones she does!  Amazing!

Okay, enough excitement for one night!
Toodles all!

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