Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day #50 - Hearts & Stripes

Good morning, all!

Another dreary weather day here in New Hampshire.  We've had some pretty heavy rains the last few nights, couple rumbles of thunder, but at least the temperatures haven't been cold.  :o)  I think we'd ALL like to see a bit of sunshine... puhleeze?

I worked on digitizing a saying I like and accenting it.  The saying part is easy-peasy, really.  Adding motifs and designs takes a bit more time.  You have to enlarge the design to be big enough that you can "connect the dots" and keep it smooth when it stitches out.  Here's it is so far:

I am playing with the program a bit each day, attempting NOT to obsess with it ... which is a bit of a challenge!!  As I get them to work out, I'll be loading them into the Yahoo Group files, so join us there, if you are interested in trying them.

So the stripes part of my day... I am working on a quilt for someone very special.  Can't say and can't show it all, as he/she might see it...muahahaha!  For now, I'll show a couple pieces.

I saw one on a blog that was perfect: a lap quilt made with strips of fabric.  I went into my fabric room and collected coordinating pieces, in a overall sense and then laid them side-by-side.  I stitched them together, added a sampler block and began machine quilting the layers together.  My goal is to get it done SOON!  Lol!!  Preferably on time, as that would SHOCK this person to no end!  HA!

I also received a wonderful swap yesterday ~ from an embroidery group I am in! Isn't is sweet?  If you do machine embroidery, you should definitely take a peek at the group: Julia's Needle Designs!

Well, time to wrap this up, work on that quilt for a wee bit and then head over to work!  Here's to some SUNSHINE for the day!

Have a great one, friends!


  1. wicked nice! everyone is showering you with gifts! Just goes to show you we all know you're a wonderful person under all that blogging!! hahahahaha Keep up the great work! Happy Days!
    hugs to infinity and beyond

  2. Oh, Elaine, that is so sweet! Thanks! :o)