Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day #40 - Needle case, pin cushion, lesson about buttons and pants for a sweetie!

Good morning!
The weather was a bit nasty yesterday and grounded a group of our high schoolers on their way to Spain at Logan for the night, so I've been reading on Facebook!  Be safe, guys!

I will start the post with a lesson. 

I had this adorable fabric with circles and hearts: perfect for the button idea I am playing with!  I ironed on interfacing, carefully cut out the circles, tucked them in the base, sealed them with the backs and made two more.  They looked adorable. THEN, I went to attach them to a card to post in my Etsy shop, since they are so sweet and realized my mistake: I didn't center the back and the loops in the back were ALL going in different directions!  No fixing that I'll be using them for something else down the road...sigh...

Button back oopsie!
Let's move on.

I really liked the fabric, it's very sweet.  So, I decided there was just enough interfaced to make a needle holder/case/housekeeper.  Picked out a matching fabric.  Sewed the pieces together, rightsided out, pressed and top stitched.

I cut two pieced of felt to tuck inside and sewed them in and added a snap.  Still a bit plain, so I decorated it with coordinating ribbon.  Which slipped a bit, so I added some beads to "cover" my Oopsie (as I snapped my seam ripper in half trying to remove a button back....).  Came out cute!

Then I decided to play around with a pin cushion to coordinate (EVERYONE is getting a set for Christmas, so can play to my hearts content!)  I went with pletes.  Picked two coordinating fabrics, folded all six in half and sewed one on top of another.  I backed it, trimmed it, sewed it, flipped it, stuffed it, closed it and decorated it.  The hearts made it too heavy on one side and it kept tilting over, so, made ribbon loop so it hangs!  Ha!

Next project was something for my best buds daughter.  I wanted to make a dress for her, but I didn't like the feel of the material.  So, I went with pants (which is probably more practical...)  Cate is my "borrowed granddaughter" as I only have grandsons and her mom lets me make pretty, sweet things for her!!  Fills my "sweet" need!  Made up a pair of pants and embroidered a ladybug on the leg.  She likes ladybugs and butterflies. 

It took longer to stitch out the butterfly than make the pants!!

This is a dress I made for her a few months ago when I was having a "granddaughter attack"!!
Well, off to do a bit of housework as the cleaning fairy didn't make a stop here last night!
Have a GREAT day,

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