Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day #35 - Reuse/Recycle/Repurpose Challenge, Part 3

Good morning, everyone!

Lots of variety in my creative world yesterday, so that's always good!

Spent several hours in the morning (that was a bit unexpected) working on DD's recruiting video for field hockey. *Fingers crossed* that it helps find just the right place for her in college! We are working with a company that helps match athletes with colleges, so we'll see!

Part 3 of my repurposing week involves pieces as they are getting smaller!  Several cyber friends and I are doing a pin cushion swap and I'm playing around to make just the right one for whomever my buddy will be.  Yesterday I worked up a cute one and a coordinating needle wallet/holder.  I am going to rework that though, as I felt like the ribbon was too big.  I'm going to play with that this morning.  The pin cushion is made with a piece of the repurposed scarf and a butterfly pin that I had in a bag of jewelry, "donated to my cause" of creativity! 

The rest of my afternoon was spent off in Keene watching DD play softball.  My "job" there, other than support the fam, is to take pictures!

The type of shot that "fills in" in the end-of-season" slide show!
Our "mudmuffin" after she stole home,
but before her home run!
A good day at the plate!
So I am off to pull together this week's give away (obviously didn't get to that yesterday!) and to "fix" that needle case.  What are YOU up to today?

Enjoy the day,

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