Saturday, April 23, 2011

#47 - Happy Easter, lot 'O bobbins and OMG!! I digitized a design!!!

Good evening, everyone!

I decided since I'd be pretty busy cooking and getting ready for Easter Dinner with family coming up and down (we all live on the same street/hill...yup!!) tomorrow morning, it would be a good idea to come in and do the morning's blog tonight.  Less stress and I'm all for less stress.

I was stitched out a series of blue on white designs, Embroidery Libraries Farm & Country Quick Stitch, rather like "redwork" of farm scenes for my brother in law's birthday (shhhhhhhhh...don't tell, girls!!). My plan is to put them with a variety of blue blocks for a lap quilt. I have a couple of weeks, so, all good! The other pleasing thing was that the thread didn't bind and snap needles today! Yeah!!! Phew!!

Farm Scenes in "bluework" - quilt blocks "to be"
While doing that, I thought it would be good to replenish my bobbin supply as my creativity of late completely depleted my rainbow of bobbins supply.  I like to be able to to just get to work!  So, I had fun filling lots and lots of bobbins with lovely colors of thread and was able to empty out quite a few spools, great for my organizational plans.

In between the above, getting groceries, roasting hot dogs and GIANT marshmallows for smores and watching our grandsons for a bit, I went BACK to the embroidery software I downloaded and tried AGAIN!  Believe it or not (I was incredibly surprised, in all honesty) I was able to produce a design!!  Yes folks, for practical purposes it would appear I have a wee bit of an idea how to do it!!  OMG!! It's nothing special, a rocket, but as I was not doing too well with it up till now, it's nothing short of amazing!  If anyone wants it, let me know ~ if you need a rocket!!  I have it in PES format - I would have to see if I can change it up if you need another format.

My first digitizing attempt!!
Well, early night as I've got lots of baking and cleaning to do before all the family comes tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for us that the stomach bug DOESN'T go any further, like say to ME!!!

Quilty hugs and a crafty night to you all!

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