Thursday, April 21, 2011

#44 – “Bang” the sound of my head hitting the desk and a BEAUTIFUL gift!

Good morning, everyone!

THE SUN IS SHINING!!! (finally!!!)
Let’s start with the “BANG!” That would be the sound of MY head, hitting the desk, computer screen, my palm, the wall…whatever is near! It is the sound I make when I hit the “proverbial brick wall” of I DON’T GET IT! Both hubby and I are the type of learners that have to figure things out. I, unlike him, LIKE to use things like directions … it can make things less painful… sometimes…

I downloaded and am ATTEMPTING (and I use that word loosely) to figure out Stitch Era, a machine embroidery software program used to digitize. It LOOKS marvelous on my screen:

I feel like I am trying to fly an airplane … blind, with no lessons, and the print is backwards!! FRUSTRATION! It looks like it would be just lovely, if I could only figure out HOW TO USE IT!! The manual and links are for an earlier version … or I am just a complete … well, I don’t know, but something not good!

I was able to finally do SOMETHING tonight and trace an object I’d found. Whoo hooo…but I traced it in red, instead of black…rats! But hey, tracing is definite progress in my book! This will be an adventure, I am sure! I will keep you updated! (IF, by the way, YOU are familiar with this and would be willing to help a girl out, I would be GRATEFUL!!!)

That would have been MY creative piece for the day … not my idea of ideal creativity, but, it’s part of the learning curve for that craft.

What was a truly wonderful part of my day was meeting one of my blog fans, Elaine! She is a kind person and a true artist! She has been following my blog and joined the Yahoo group. Elaine encourages us all to try things and is one of the first to jump in!

She didn’t win the reading embroidered block, but wanted one, so I made one for her and told her it wasn’t perfect, but she was welcome to it. In turn, yesterday we met and she brought me the most beautiful, wonderful doll she’d made. I think I made out the best on this one!! She is beautiful ~ something I’ve never had and I am so thankful to Elaine! **NOTE: You didn’t have to, but I am sooooooooo glad you did! She is beautiful, whimsical and will have a place of honor in my studio space.

I hope YOU all enjoy the pictures of this marvelous creation!

Have a wonderful day!

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