Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day #33 - Reuse/Recycle/Repurpose Challenge, Part 1

Good afternoon!
A day of softball and field hockey - what gorgeous weather! 

I decided that I might take a week or so to challenge myself to some repurposing as I create. Maybe it's spring cleaning fever?  Maybe it's to honor Earth Day?  Who knows ... but here we go!

Moth-snack scarf

I started with a beautiful scarf that some moths had decided would make a nice treat.  It had several holes so... I started cutting!  My first project was a purse!  I found a coordinating blue print, repurposed a string from a sweatshirt for the strap and found a pendant with a blue stone to use as a "button" to hold it closed. 

Scarf & strap = repurposed, FQ and pendant = new

I played around with how to put it together and decided on classic bag construction by making the lining and bag the same.  Then I sewed the flap lining and fabric together (right sides in), fliped them and slipped the lining into the bag.  After ironing and before overstitching the flap I tucked the knotting ends into the hole that was still there at the corner of each side. Held it with a pin and then sewed over it to secure it as I sewed around the whole thing!

Bag & lining sewn together along flap

Tucking the strap knot in before final stitching

Lastly, I made a button hole on the flap and secured the pendant on the bag body.  I knotted the strap as it was a bit long for me and it looked a bit more stylish that way.

I had a bit more time left in my day, so I sewed the next Bottled Rainbow block together.   I like tacking the pieces down with temporary spray adhesive so I can "live with it" a bit before I sew it.  Seems to help me visually. I have to say that these are truely a bit too much fun!

Pin Bottled Rainbow Block
 So, back to the studio to see what I can do with the smaller pieces...muahahaha!
G'night all!

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