Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day #65 - Back to normal, a relative term

Good morning, all!

I expect to be "back to normal" this week, relatively, that is.  The number of softball games should be less than the 7 in 5 days of last week, and could be MUCH less if Mother Nature has her way.  Just when we were enjoying a bit of sunshine...

My plan, this week, is to work on a couple of the Bottled Rainbow blocks, list a WHOLE bunch of fabric on eBay and Etsy, finish up the May birthday goodies for the family, try another recycle/repurposing project, "fire up" the embroidery machine and work on my blocks for the jungle critter applique. 

Some quilt/project labels available in my eBay & Etsy stores!
My plan today is to feed some hungry teenagers, send off a couple of hungry early 20's "kiddos" who're heading to PA mid-day, re-claim my living room, take a nap (due to being UP quite late with teenager crowed) and craft a wee bit of my plan for the week.

I just want to say that I LOVE reading blogs!  Lol!  I found a marvelous one this morning ("Gussy Sews") and joined her "creating community".  It is sooooo motivating to read about what fun things other people are doing that you can't help but try things out!

But for the moment, I have breakfast to make for 12 today ... so I am off to get the hashbrowns going!  Looking forward to what the day brings!


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