Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day #58 - Some embroidery and such...

Good morning, all!

Things got rained out in our world yesterday... again... We have fingers crossed that the girls can play their game today!  It definitely is getting VERY green out there!  YEA!!  The sunshine will come sooner or later.

I was able to squeak in a few creative endeavors yesterday.  My youngest is a junior in high school, so there are evenings that she and I spend a great deal of time on the computer, looking at colleges - last night was one of those!  Anyone out there from St. Louis area?  She's interested in Lindenwood University ....

I found a GREAT embroidery design from Embroidery Library - you all KNOW what I think of them!!

I made a couple of these and am going to sew these onto the outside of some of my grocery totes - you know the ones to replace the plastic at the grocery store?  I thought they would look fun with this!  I have to admit that I had the hardest time making the habit of bringing them IN the store!!  Years of "paper or plastic" are hard to break, but I am trying!  :o) 

I also put together a special gift for my DIL for Mother's Day.  I am hoping she is too busy to read my blog today (finger's crossed!!) because I wanted to show you all this so if you needed something quick for Sunday, you could use it!!

You need white paper, kid friendly paint, scrapbook paper for background, white paper for the saying (I printed in on my printer), glue stick and a frame

  1. I started by painting my grandson's hands on Tuesday, when we had the boys.  He'd never played in paint before, so that was interesting!  We'll be doing that MORE when I am NOT in a rush to get his hand prints!!  (toddled him right off to the bathroom for a tub and he was happy as a clam!)
  2. I had him put each hand on a HUGE sheet of paper, for me, so that if it got crazy, it was all good!  We used Crayola Washable Kid Paint.
  3. It needed to dry, so then last night I cut the hands out.
  4. I cut the scrapbook paper to fit the frame.
  5. Finding a quote is always fun - found one I liked, typed it in Word and printed it on white cardstock.
  6. I trimmed everything to fit the frame and glued it on.
  7. The final piece was to write his name and the date and pop it in a frame!  I think she'll like it!
Want an "awwww...." moment?  Check out the picture below.  The orange hands?  Those are his daddy's from about 22 years ago!!  His hands are a wee bit bigger as he's a 6' tall daddy!  :o)

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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