Monday, June 6, 2011

Day #87 - A sorting we will go, a sorting we will go, hi ho the derry O, a sorting we will go...

Good morning, friends!

It is a gorgeous, sunny day!  I would imagine that if I stood outside for a bit, the birds would be singing, but, alas, I do not have time for that today or ANY day this week!  Yup.... the scurrying begins: the first (annual?) Fabric-A-Thon count-down starts!  6 days till Sunday!!

The questions and the requests are rolling in!  I am sooooo excited!!!

I spent time yesterday going through items for the Crafty yard sale, organizing stitched out designs to offer up, sorting fat quarters and cutting bolts of quilt labels into panels.

In between shipping orders, running to the doctors and meeting ever so briefly with my field hockey girls about uniforms for next season and workouts for this summer this afternoon, I'll be continuing where I left off with gathering goodies and playing with fabrics to share!  The not as much fun part?  Gotta clean the living room some to make space for all this to happen!

Here are some pix of yesterday's work:
An adorable burp cloth, machine embroidered!

My (soon to belong to others?) collection of scrapbooking stamps. 

Some fat quarters in need of re-arranging for visual pleasure!

Quilt label panels by RJR - ready for packaging!
Well, enough fun, ladies and gentlemen, time to get to work!!  Muahahahahaha!

Quilty hugs,

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