Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day #106 - It's all about the process

Good morning, friends!

It would appear that there is a strange, bright yellow orb in the sky today, otherwise known to some as THE SUN!!  Yea!!  Dear Sun, we are SOOOO glad to see you that will mean some nice outdoorsy things today, too!  Like a marvelous trip to the dump!  Yippee, can't wait!

I was wondering what to chat about today and I thought I would toss out something I've been thinking about lately: process.  As a Type A personality, I do have a tendency to focus on product, outcome, finished things.  I am goal oriented, can't help it, it's who I am.  While embracing that, I do have to admit that I am very interested in the process: how did you GET from here to there?  I would imagine part of that is because I want to improve my outcomes!

For example, in the world of athletics (yes, a large part of my life) how did your team achieve that state title?  How much was work, the ability to draw the best out of people, getting team members on the same page, luck or the alignment of the stars?  I have a talented group of young ladies heading my way in August: what can I do to bring them to their highest level?

At the same time, my true goal for the group is to make the experience the best it can be.  I want them to enjoy their time on our field and with our team.  I want them to remember the time in a positive light and be glad they gave up 2 months to be with us.  We walk a fine line as coaches between process and product, so I am always interested in other people's process.

The same can be said for creating.  I have some lovely finished projects that I share with family and friends in the form of gifts and goodies.  They enjoy the finished product (which I do as well) but for me, it was the process - deciding what to play with, experimenting with color and style, the trial and error of both and all parts of what I do.  There ARE things that don't make it out into the world.  Often they are the victims of a vicious rotary cutter that snips them into alternate things, like say, a pin cushion or eye glasses case, where their painful color combo or alignment doesn't show!

But, all part of the process!  So, I guess that I embrace process in many areas!  Would you like to read about other creative folks who are willing to put their process out there?  If so, peruse this list!  We are a great bunch!!

Have a wonderful Sunday, all!
Quilty hugs,

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