Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day #99 - Need your opinion...

Good evening, friends!
I ALWAYS post in the morning, but I am off to a softball tournament at some ungodly hour tomorrow and also was looking for some input.

I am making a fabric banner for my table/booth at the Fresh Chicks Market on Monday and I spent time today cutting out letters (after using iron-on interfacing...) while I watched my sweetie play softball.  Oh... and got a nasty sunburn on my knees!  Please tell me how I always miss SOMETHING when I put my own sunscreen on... sigh...

Here are the backgrounds (with lettering) that I am trying to narrow it down from:

If you have any input, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!!  I would really appreciate it!  :o)  I am going to applique the letters on tomorrow when I get home from softball ... and BEFORE I am packing up my goodies for Monday afternoon, hehe!



  1. Hi Carrie, it might be too late lol but for pure impact the black stands out the most by far, the lettering gets lost on the blue... So I'd go black first choice, white if you had to
    Best wishes

  2. Thanks, Katie! I appreciate your thoughts!

  3. I agree with katie. The black is much more eye catching. Good luck at your fair!

  4. Thanks, guys! It's my first time, so I am trying not to overwhelm myself with what to bring and such. :o)