Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day #109 - Stichin' and health insurance for children in NH

Good morning, friends!

Yesterday was a wee bit of stitching and a whole bunch of driving!  As I mentioned about 2 weeks ago, hubby was part of a large # of riffed teachers at our high school.  Along with his income was the loss, like so many, of health insurance.  My first phone call that day was to New Hampshire Healthy Kids to start the paperwork for coverage for our daughter.  The forms and necessary paperwork are long, but the benefits are worth it!  NO CHILD IN NH SHOULD GO WITHOUT INSURANCE!!!  If you live here and find yourself in our situation, CONTACT them! If you know people without insurance, LET THEM KNOW about this!!  It takes one worry off your plate, seriously folks!  Okay... off my soapbox...

About the stitching: I did a bit of machine and a bit of hand embroidery.  The first is going to be turned into a mug rug this afternoon when I get home from work, for my sister's birthday!  Woot woot, baby girl!  You are amazing!  Luv yah!

The hand stitching was a continuation of the Over the River and Through the Woods project that will, I believe, take YEARS to hope you plan on hanging around to see the finished project!  Lol!  Here's the update:

Well, I overslept this morning, so it's a quick note today as I am off to work!
Good day and quilty hugs,

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