Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day #103 - Closing in on 1,000 FB fans and 100 blog followers...soooo....

Good drippy morning, all!

I just realized that I am closing in on 1,000 fans on Facebook and 100 blog followers!  Wow!  Gotta do something special, right?  "Celebrate good times..." as the song goes. So, I am wondering, as you are to be the recipients, what would you like the chance to win?  Inquiring minds need to know!  Actually, just this one mind, me!  :o)

So.... why don't you take a minute and scroll through the blog posts, Facebook pix , eBay and Etsy shops and  see what appeals to you!  I am thinking several prizes, so don't panic there!  Should we do fabric yardage, pieces, kits, HEADERS (hmmmmm.... Erin?????), crafted goodies, patterns, books?  WHAT DO YOU THINK???

Let me know by commenting here with your thoughts and ideas and/or on my Facebook page and we'll build the list of goodies!

Secondly, to HIT 1,000 fans and 100 followers (before Christmas.... lol!)  it would be just lovely if you shared this with friends and crafty family members!  The quicker we can do that, the quicker the goodies will be up!  Woot woot!  What do you think?

Okay, gotta go to work!  So, put on your thinking caps, crafty friends, and tell me what you'd like!

Quilty hugs,


  1. thanks for the giggle Carrie! :)

  2. You make me smile, Erin! You can BET there will be headers up for grabs, I promise!!