Friday, June 3, 2011

#84 - Fabric, fabric & a bit more fabric....

Good morning, everyone!

I am a New Englander by birth.  My family has lived on this street since the 1700's!  I am the descendant of collectors.  I married a collector.  I collect.  One of the things I collect is fabric.

I love to look at it, before and after it becomes something.  I love to touch it... cotton, flannel, silk, you name it!  I love to wrap my family in it with cloth, quilts and goodies.  I love fabric.  I am not ashamed of that fascination.  I embrace it.

But, like all good collections, I've got too much!  So, here and there, I am giving it away.  I've been having a blast participating in "product giveaways" on both Facebook and here on my blog and I am loving meeting so many wonderful folks!

My latest sharing is with IzzyB Designs.  If you follow that link and then click on photos you'll see a drawing for the end of June.  I have a set of fabric headers (a flat rate filled!!!) up for grabs!  You just "like" the photo and my FB page and you are entered!  How easy is that?  Keep your eye peeled for here as well because I pop giveaways here just about every week!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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