Friday, June 24, 2011

Day #104 - What to do, what to do...

Good morning, all!

Yesterday was another rainy day in NH - beginning to feel a bit like Oregon or something!  People keep talking about building their arks!  We are supposed to have the first game of the ASA states this afternoon and then go to a Fisher Cat's game... I feel a soggy night coming on ...

My oldest DD flew out to Philly last night, icky weather and all -yeah, NO delays!  She's spending the weekend somewhere warm and beach-like, so I made her promise to bring some nice weather back, folks!

My friend Laurie and I were chatting about bag making at the farmer's market the other day. She's looking to try a messenger-type one and I found one in Sew Many Bags, Sew Little Time that might work. 

How many of you make bags/totes/purses?  Have you ever tried to make a messenger bag?  I made a computer cover that was styled like it for my niece, but it didn't have the strap.  If you have any sites with good ideas, patterns, etc, let me know!  I have until Monday to gather up possibilities for her!

Our "every weekend softball world" starts in earnest today.  Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays will now be spent at some location in New England, soaking up the sun (or sponging up the rain at this point), reading a good book and cheering on my youngest DD and her friends.  I have to come up with some tote-able crafty things to bring with me so I don't fall behind in my creative journey! 

What do you take "on the road"?  How do you carry it so that no one is pronged by your needles?  Do tell!  I am open to suggestions!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!
I'm all over it!
Quilty hugs,
PS.  Don't forget that I need ideas for my 1,000 Fan- 100 Follower Giveaway!  We are getting closer & closer every day!!  Post your ideas either HERE or on my Facebook page!!

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  1. This one is decent... there are a lot of things I've changed about it, but it's a good starting place.