Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day #92 - A whole new living room!!

Good afternoon, all!
Sorry I am a bit late today, had to go support hubby and youngest DD as they were playing mud volleyball.  In the rain.  Lots of mud...cold...need I say more?  I am HOME and they are still there!  :o)  More power to them!

Yesterday was about turning my living/dining room into a fabric and craft shop!  Yup!  Thanks oodles to DD's, hubby and DD's friend who has big  muscles!  Luckily we had HIM to schlep the bolts!

Here is how it looks so far:
Shauna's Veritable Rainbow!

A selection of fun handcrafted goodies and kits
Rainbow of fabric pieces.
FQ's and quilt kits
Tubs of "by the pound" fabrics
1/2 of the headers (top row, so we can still get into the rest of the house!)

Enough lally gagging.... got work to do!
See ya'll later!
Quilty hugs,

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