Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day #89 - I'm not gonna was all about Pine-Sol yesterday!

Good morning, friends!
Nope, can't lie, didn't create, though I did move boxes/tubs out into the space for Sunday!

My day was all about the Pine-Sol!  Luckily, my fabric is all in tubs (the pieces) and wrapped in plastic (the bolts), as the odor of skunk floated thorugh my house.  Dang bugger lit up our world just underneath us!

I did have a few minutes to cruise the Internet yesterday and found a  new blog I liked:

She JUST started up in June.  One of her posts is a list of activities to do with toddlers and as some of you know, I am memere to a couple of little ones, so I love to see ideas!  She has a list of 101 Ideas PLUS a Linky Party for folks to share!  Another wonderful page on the blog is her goals for the year.  I think she must live at MY HOUSE!!  Reading her list is like looking at my journal with what I wanted to do for the year!  Even once you are grandparents (okay, we are only 51, but hey....) it can be hard to go out on dates!  I LOVE IT!! 

Thanks oodles for stopping by!
Keep an eye on here for progress and what's for sale on Sunday!  Woot woot!
Quilty hugs,

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