Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day #82 - Working on Fabric-A-Thon Plans

Time to Celebrate!  Cloth bunting/banner!  Fun and easy to make!
Good morning, everyone!
I was just a bit over the top yesterday in the planning process of the special I am hosting here in a week and a half!  Not to mention it's youngest DD's first play-off game this afternoon, weather permitting and spending some time playing with my oldest grandson!  (Let's just say "The Wheel's on the Bus" is one of my favorites, shall we?" Life is just too exciting sometimes! 

I've already told my family that I'll be FILLING the livingroom/dining room with ALL my fabrics next week...  they are thrilled, to be!  I decided that I am going to haul it ALL out and set bolts, tubs, bins and baskets all around the space.  I need extra tables and have to leave the main table free to cut fabric!  I'll be a mini-JoAnn's for the day!  Muahahahaha!

This may be crazier than I anticipate as I'm running it online at the same time - but then again, may just be a fun flow of friends.  I've started gathering goodies to give away to those who come and those who buy on line.  I will be adding to the post as the list grows, but you can check it so far HERE

I thought it might be fun to have a little mini-crafter's yard sale at the same time, so that opened up some great ideas for me, as well.  You see, I have too much "stuff" ~ you know the drill.... not going to use and needs a good home?  Let someone else have fun with my scrapbooking punches, crafting magazines, oodles of unused cookie cutters, whatever!!  It's a perfect "destash" time, as well!  So, if you live nearby, COME ON OVER!!  Lol!!

I am concerned I won't have enough space for it all!!  The bolts and tubs of sorted pieces that are up on eBay and Etsy are easy to organize, but how to I display the headers?  How do I make it easy to sort through the fabrics by the pound so it doesn't look like Macy's after Christmas?  I definitely can't wait till next Friday to organize it all, so I apologize to my family in advance... it's going to got a bit, shall we say FABRICKY out there, folks!  Muahahahaha!

Yesterday was about deciding on what to sell and what sort of discounts to offer for each - that took WAY longer than I thought it would, but doesn't it always?  Everything gave me another idea for something... "Oh... and I need to bring T-H-A-T out!!"  Like cleaning house - you start in one place, see something and it takes you in another direction, unless you are a Fly Lady!  (Which will be a WHOLE 'NUTHER bit of blogging, someday....)

This morning, before heading to work, I'm going down to the studio to put together fat and skinny quarter sets!  Coordinating fabrics is one of my FAVORITE ways to play!! 

I hope everyone has a lovely day!!  Sending out good vibes to the ConVal Girl's Softball Team today!!!  Quilty hugs!


  1. Soooo, are us online peeps gonna get a crack at your other non-fabricky stuff, too? Like the scrapbooking stuff for example? :)

  2. Let me see how I can do it! I am definitely open to selling/moving/sharing as much as I can! :o)

    Any suggestions for the best way to do it? I would prefer NOT to put it on eBay and have to pay the fees... I am totally open to ideas!

    I supposed I could post pix on FB and say "first comment gets for $X + shipping..." Any other thoughts from my on-line peeps?

    We are struggling with power issues right now, so don't panic if you don't hear from me...means we got hit AGAIN, or a "brown out" like a few minutes ago!

  3. I think the FB idea is a good one. That way people will be able to see immediately if it's still available or not.

    You might put pics up on FB of some of the fabric, too. I think going through FB pics is so much easier than ebay!

  4. Oh yeah, I meant to ask you... do you have a FB page for Whitt's Kits? I can only find the Fabric-a-thon event.

  5. Sounds good, Erin! I will do it as soon as I can, which may not be till the week after. But I'll set aside some of the goodies for you folks, okay?

    Also, yes, I do. I thought for sure you could get there from here...I'll have to check on that! The addy is:!/whittskitsfabricsandcrafts

    I am participating in a "product testing" drawing you comment on by IzzyB Designs. I'll have a link in the morning as part of tomorrow's post here. It's for a flat rate of fabric headers, if you are into that! I just gave one away to one of my followers here as a "thank you" when I hit 500 fans on FB. Worth keeping an eye on! :o)

    Thanks for all your great ideas!
    Quilty hugs,