Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day #98 - Wicked Cool Machine Embroidery!!

Good morning, All!

Quick message this morning as the batteries on my keyboard are about DONE!  Trip to Staples today for ink and AAA batteries, while traveling back and forth to Nashua for softball all weekend!!

Just wanted to post a website for those of you who do machine embroidery.  My cousin shared it with me and to what I understand, it is the "sister" site to Embroidery Library.  One might say "it's not your mother's machine embroidery" and be pretty accurate! 

It's called Urban Threads and it's WICKED fun!!  (that's a NH term, folks...)  I am falling in love as we speak, with some unbelievable designs!  I found some PERFECT ones to make projects for my nieces (no peeking, girls!!) and, like Embroidery Library, they have free designs and $1 designs .... so I'll be shopping there!

Here is some "eye candy" for you:
I'd rather not think about snowflakes right now...

I'd rather think about camping! :o)

Only $1 right now, can you believe it??

You have to step back away to really see this one...

Possible design to use for our Fairy House Day at the Historical Society!

"I have a glue gun and I know how to use it!"

Lol... they call hubby "the Ninja" at wrestling.... I may have to adapt this one!
Have a wonderful weekend, all!
Quilty hugs,

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