Friday, June 17, 2011

Day #97 - Kid Curators= Big Hit! New fun= Fresh Chicks!

Good morning, World!

I spent a great deal of my day with 5th graders yesterday and was EXHAUSTED by nighttime!  The Kid Curator Opening last night was a HUGE success and lots of fun!  I will link to the pix as soon as we have them.  The students did an incredible job and a wonderful presentation - their voice-over slide show was GREAT!  I watched it again and again and learned something new each time.

I had mentioned things being in a bit of a flux here as of earlier this week and that I was marching into action.  My boss and BFF, Michelle suggested I check into a new farmer's market in town that was a bit broader in spectrum and was happening out at the hospital.  I went there Monday, as you might have read in Tuesday's posting, buying yummy bread from my friend Laurie!  The market is called "Fresh Chicks".

This is their description and mission:
Fresh Chicks Local Outdoor Market is another opportunity to make connections and discover what bounties we have right here in our community. Broader in scope than a farmers' market, the Marketplace provides a venue for you to find what you need, and at the same time, support your local growers and artisans.
Our goal is to educate and inform the people of the Monadnock region of the positive economic impact that buying locally has on both the community and the individuals in it, while providing a location to shop for local produce and products.

A scene from their Facebook page!
I got in touch with them, asked about a space, explained who I am and what I do and they were all for it!!  I am excited to give this a try!  Not only is it an opportunity to share fabric with my local community, it seems like a wonderful group of people to be a part of!  Because of their “broader scope” I think my fabric world may fit in nicely.  So now, I am in search of a tent and a couple of tables … not to mention "YIPPEE … I get to set up some tubs of fabrics!!"  Woot woot!

Off to start selecting fabric and make myself a pretty sign to hang!!  Hope to see some of you there (my local buds!) on Monday!

Enjoy the day,

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