Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day #115 - Interview prep, Cleaning/Sorting and sweet as a muffin cutie pie!

Good morning, friends!

Yesterday was a busy one, as I am sure it was for you all!  A little bit of this and that.

I started the morning off by working on the first interview for our "to be named tonight" posting program!  (Stop by the FB page and cast your vote!) It is so interesting to hear (to me at least...) how people got where they are.  The bends in the road, the thoughts and the decisions that brought them to this place we call "today."  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do starting with tomorrow - hmmmm.... who will it be?  What will they share?  Curious minds want to know!

I spent the next chunk of the day clearing, cleaning, sorting and re-organizing the book shelf to the left of my space known to most as "mom's computer area/office" - otherwise known as the "path to the rest of the house."  This summer is going to be a HUGE restructuring of our place of abode - we've all had enough... hoarders by genetic background, it's time to hoe this joint out!  Everyone has been pitching in the process, which is a massive undertaking. 

The girls started by going through the dishes, glasses, coffee mugs and silverware area and culling the truly not matching and putting in a tub.  Bottom line, after 28 years of marriage, 3 children and 2 grandchildren, there are very few matching ANYTHING!!!  They did their best, though.

Hubby is working in the basement - his "man cave" if there was one for him.  It holds our pellet furnace and several lifetimes full of fascinating things that he hasn't been able to let go of, till now.  Slowly, very slowly, he's sifting and sorting with the encouragement of our son - though I would imagine he would NOT call it encouragement ... "Dad, you need this because...?"  The issue there is that my husband is a "MacGuyver", and if you are familiar with that show from way back, he could make anything from a paperclip and duct tape!  If he had Bri's basement, he could have ruled the world!  Which Bri does!  He can "jerry-rig" just about anything to do anything else because he has just the perfect little something to do the job!  So, it's a huge deal to let things go.

My cleaning out started with the bookcase (of which there was a banker box filled with paper trash and another box of books that are okay to move out...) and will move through the space through the summer.  I kid you not, when I say we are the children of hoarders. Our parents were children of the Depression and saved everything.  It becomes part of how you process the world - "I might need it someday" is your mantra. There is also something to be said for re-using and recycling.  We live in a world in which that is a good thing.  I am not saying it isn't, I am saying that I am drowning in "I might need it somedays" and perhaps re-purposing it by sharing it with someone who might need it is a good thing!

We shall see how far we get...

I would like to end with a picture of my quasi-granddaughter! I have grandsons and anyone who sews or creates for children KNOWS that you gotta have a girl to make things for!!  This is our little sweetie!  She's modeling a dress I made her for her birthday covered with ladybugs and butterflies!  If you'd like a close up, head back in time to this post and you'll see it there.  Thanks so much to her mom and my bud for sharing!

Okay, off to do some cleaning then then some creating, I think!
Quilty hugs,


  1. Carrie made the "buggy" dress and I made the cutie pie!
    :) Michelle

  2. Hahaha! Very cute and oh so true!