Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day #136 - Whitty Crafters uses for quilt labels

Good morning!

A gorgeous day here in NH - hoping everyone has a LOVELY day where ever you are!

 Today I thought we could consider what to do with quilt labels. 

This set is winter/Christmas/holiday themed. 

  • The obvious starter is, to label your quilts!  With the holiday season "just around the corner" these would be perfect to go on a holiday gift quilt!  Do you label your quilts?  If not, you should!  As someone who works in a historical society, adding your name and date is VERY important!  It may seem like a little thing now, but in the future (FAR into the future) that information maybe important to someone in your family!  It might seem hard for us to imagine, but put yourself in your great-great-grandchildren's shoes!  Okay...that might be hard to consider...but you get my point!
  • Use to create your Christmas cards this season!  Cut these out and either glue or stitch them onto cardstock, add a greeting and they are ready to pop in the mail!
  • On the same vein - use these to create postcards.  Once again, attach to cardstock and viola!
  • How about tags for your gift-giving?  Some are a bit big, but trim them and use for the "To/From" on your gifts.
  • Sew a pair together, or use one and a coordinating fabric from your stash to create a pin cushion.  Cut them out, sew wrong sides together leaving a space for filling and then add your choice of "insides".  
  • Collect some coordinating fabrics and create some holiday pot holders.  You could use one as a center in a Log Cabin block and build out from there or some other such may see ME try this one!!
  • Applique a design or two on a sweatshirt for the holidays!  My mom loves this sort of thing!
  • Go "mixed media" with your embroidery machine and design a wall hanging!  Oh dear....may have to try THAT one, too!
As you can see, there are LOTS of directions to take this prize!  I LOVE thinking of fun ideas! 
Enjoy the day everyone!

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