Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day #117 - Stitching update

Good morning!

Some pretty impressive storms moved through last night - just as oldest DD's team was getting ready to take the field, the sky opened up.  So that one was cancelled.  Trip wasn't a waste though, scrounging sticks from under the Norway pines there for fairy wands for work!  Other DD was an hour and a half east and got through her practice before it started BUT she and her BFF had their first flat tire to deal with!  Their coaches helped them as the storm was fast approaching and got them on their way in time!  Phew!  Pizza and onion rings from Rick and Diane's was earned by all! 

I mentioned fairy wands - we are having a fairy house day at work on the 16th!  We are doing a joint program day with the Mariposa Museum and Terry and I have been working for several months on a fun day for all.  If you are local, plan on coming by, 10-4!

As I've mentioned before, I spend a good deal of time on the weekends at softball - one last summer.  We've raised 3 children who play softball ALL summer, every weekend.  Our kiddos are each 5 years apart.  The advantage there is that they each have had their time to shine at the high school level.  That also means we spread the fun out over 15 years.  For 15 years, all summer, we've traveled around the state and New England for softball and baseball.  This will, most likely, be the last summer.  Our "baby" (sorry sweetie, that's something you'll never outgrow!) is looking to play field hockey in college at Div I or II and that means next summer is all about training for that. So, for one last summer we are packing up the car with water, food, gear, chairs and something to do for me!

I've decided to work on the stitching for my "10 year quilt" each weekend.  It's easy to carry and small, so it's perfect!  The stitching is in 3 panels, so I can work on one at a time.  It's an outline, running stitch, so I only have to carry the project, black embroidery floss and some scissors!  Below is my progress so far and a scan of the pattern.  You should check it out at the Crab-Apple Hill website!

Updated stitching!

My plan is to go black and white, with the blocks, when I get that far!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day,

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