Monday, July 11, 2011

Day #122 - How to: Making your own "I Spy" Bag

Good morning!
I"m back!  Lol!  Didya miss me?  :o)

I thought I'd start this creative week off with another "how to" for you.  This one is based on the game "I spy".  You know, "I spy with my little eye...."  That one?  There are several ways you can make this game in a creative way, this is one of them!  These are perfect for a quiet time activity (you NEED them to be quiet!) or birthday party treats!

Here you go:

I-Spy Bag


You need:
  • ·        Fabric
  • ·        Piece of heavy plastic for window
  • ·        Pellets (bag insides - I purchased them off of eBay, but you can use other medium, like rice.  We have
  • ·        Treats to find (small, recognizable objects: dice, charms, small toys, buttons, pieces of jewelry, Legos, puzzle pieces, etc - whatever you have on hand OR want to get at Micheal's or JoAnn's!

1.       Cut out two pieces of fabric for the bag body.  8” x 8” works well.
2.    Cut a 2” square window out of the front piece.
      3.    Using a zig zag stitch, sew in the window in to the front piece.  (Using a zig zag stitch helps keep the plastic from tearing like a perforated edge.)

4.         Put the front and back right sides together.  Sew the two pieces together using a ½” seam.  LEAVE AN OPENING to pour the pellets in!! 
5.       Pour in the pellets.
      6. Add your treats (IE: I Spy goodies!)
      7. Sew the opening closed.
     8.  For good measure, sew around the entire bag at ¼” in to secure it.
9       Make a list with what is inside (can have pictures to help) so the searcher knows what they are looking for and when they have found everything!

I would like to remind you again that these ARE NOT FOR INFANTS!  
The small objects and the filler could be a choking hazard, so be aware!!

Off to pack the car up for the Fresh Chicks Market!  Hope to see some of you there!
Quilty hugs,

PS.  I am having trouble with the format today... sorry for the wonky numbers!!  Not sure what is up...sigh...part of the "love/hate" relationship with computers!

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