Friday, July 29, 2011

#137 - Whitty Crafters uses for a BUNCH of header fabric!!

Good morning, friends!

Today it's time to toss around ideas for what to do with some header fabric.  Headers, for those of you who've been wondering this, are manufacturer's samplers.  A line of fabric in it's "colorway" is attached to a cardboard "header" in such a way that the fabrics cascade down so you can see them all.  Buyers use the header to select fabric their business will carry and we can use it to look at what fabrics are in a line and how they go together.

A sample of header fabric that will go to a wonderful fabric loving fan!
This "prize" will be a flat rate Priority Mail envelope filled/stuffed/packed with as many headers as I can fit inside!

So, what could one possibly DO with such a selection?  Ah.... so many things!
Okay....hope that gets the creative juices flowing!

Have a GREAT day, friends and happy creating!


  1. I just bought some kits to make my own fabric covered buttons with the headers I won from you. How serendipitous is this post :)

  2. Doll things! Also - when I was young I had a CoE priest acquaintance who's parishioners had made him a lovely patchwork stole with tiny bits of fabric.....

  3. Such GREAT ideas!! Melissa - you should post pix over on the Facebook page once you've done them! We'd LOVE to see them!!