Monday, August 1, 2011

Day #138 - Capturing those creative ideas... here's one for you!

Good morning!
Field hockey is my other world and that piece begins this morning at Kangaroo Camp (8 years running) up in Keene this week!  Yay!  The weather might not be too cooperative, but, we'll see what Mother Nature has in mind!  It does have a tendency to capture my attention, but I'll do my best, folks!

That and the fact we are the parents of one last high school senior - how did that happen, eh?  That means college visits and so that will tug not only at my heart strings, but my time, again, I will do my best!  Both are BIG factors in the upcoming week.

That aside, I have been thinking about cleaning and organization.  I ran across this blog the other day that I thought some of you might find interesting.

(If you happen to be online right now, you find that I got distracted and hit "Publish Post" rather than "Preview" and the following thoughts were not there!  Lol....  Hopefully you weren't up to early and will get the rest!!)  Can't talk to hubby and blog at the same time!!

Anyway, I love the idea of the organization she writes about!  Her comment about "piles of unorganized chaos" basically explains my office!  Sooooo.... think I may give this a try!

How about you?  How do YOU organize your world?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Quilty hugs and enjoy the day,

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