Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day #140 - "We're baaaack!"

Good morning friends!

We spent the last 5 days on a 2,400 mile trip out to St. Louis on a college visit for our youngest DD. Can you say "L-O-N-G"? We did 17 hours the first night (9pm Thursday to about 3pm on Friday... breaks and such extended it) and I hope not to have to make the trip that way again! Though I must say, the traffic was easy peasy!

Being lifelong New Englanders, it's always fun to get out and see the world! So we were the car taking pictures of road signs and buildings! I WISH I had gotten a picture of the first billboard we saw when we crossed over into Indiana: "Pre-Planning is FUN!" and showed a man JUMPING out of a casket! Honest!!

Here are a couple of shots I thought you might enjoy:

We were taking pictures of all sorts of signs, particularly for places we'd never been!

The Arch was AMAZING!  Did I mention I have a fear of heights and am claustrophobic?   Yup, but I survived!

This was taken from one of the tiny windows INSIDE the top of the Arch, looking down on the river.
Forced my family to go through the Museum of Western Movement.  I LOVED it!  Lol...they were good enough to wander through!

We had lots of laughs, good food and fun!  Back to my world again!
Enjoy the day,

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